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Welcome to BoldBrows Microblading Education! 

What Is BoldBrows Microblading?

World renowned PhiAcademy has been dedicated to only bringing the best education possible to its students! We focus on targeting the overall quality this service requires in both knowledge and technique! Microblading education takes much more training than the typical one day certification most artist obtain now a days. BoldBrows artists follow very specific high demanding work methods and standards, that are taught through our rigorous high quality education. 

PhiAcademy controls the quality of work to its members and provides ultimate support to them and their clients. Phi artists never stop working on themselves as they can always progress within the academy. This is your opportunity to join thousands of other artists worldwide who’ve also experienced the Phi difference and have proudly embraced this life changing career! 

Meet BoldBrows Master Fely Equia

Master Fely Eguia is passionate to share her love for this amazing skill and enjoy being able to teach, train and create amazing artist! 

BoldBrows Master Fely Eguia started her passion for eyebrows at the age of 14 years old. Over the years she began to build her clientele by working from home and at a beauty salon doing eyebrow waxing. Her life took a few turns that made the process difficult to pursue, but she always knew how to stay focused on her dreams. In the process of trying to succeed, she had her first child which gave her the fuel to become a better person and provide a better future for them both. 

She graduated from cosmetology school as a licensed manicurist and esthetician. She then became the owner of her own salon and was also able to provide work for other beauty artists that shared the same dreams. After stumbling with a few trainings for Microblading, she came across PhiAcademy which opened up a whole new world of eyebrows for her. She was determined to succeed and with hard work and dedication, she quickly escalated within the Academy and obtain her Royal artist title, followed by her Phibrows Mastership. 

She has now accomplished a new goal, which is earning the distinguished title of BoldBrows Master. 

Master Fely is passionate to share her love for this amazing skill and enjoys being able to teach, train, and create amazing artists!

Are you completely new to Microblading? Or are you a professional looking to increase business? Either way you can apply for this course!

We made sure our training is 100% suitable for any level of experience. In our in depth live training, you will learn the true foundation on this amazing skill and the correct and proper way of doing it! All you need is a positive mindset and a will to learn. 

What is BoldBrows?

The Bold Brows microblading technique was developed by Grand Master Mensura Megy Hodzic to improve on the original “classic” Phibrows Microblading technique pioneered by Branco Babić. Bold Brows is a manual, semi-permanent microblading technique of hyper- realistic eyebrow drawing in which the shape of eyebrows is calculated according to facial morphology and golden proportion (Phi 1.618).

Bold Brows creates stunning eyebrows with the most beautiful, realistic and natural hair stroke patterns taught anywhere. The idea for the Bold Brows pattern arose from observing the natural hair growth and following their direction. Hair strokes are formed using gentle twisted and curved hairs in combination with shorter hairs, which when properly combined, create a volumizing effect. One you go BOLD you will never go back to classic. Bold Brows instantly gives your face a more symmetrical appearance with incredibly natural looking eyebrows. The Bold Brows pattern has been fully developed and is available for all client types and 5 different spines. Your clients can have these natural brows by mastering Phi Academy’s Bold Brows training.

How much does BoldBrows training costs?

Cost for BoldBrows 2 day live Workshop is $3,500.
Cost for BoldBrows online education is $1800 + shipping and handle

This includes:

  • New BoldBrows Premium Kit - ($1,200 Value and enough product to work on up to 80 clients!
  • 2 day workshop: complete theory, video demonstration, practical training
  • Bilingual assistance during and after your training-English/Spanish
  • Work on a live model, while being supervised 100% of the time.
  • Lunch & refreshments throughout both days
  • Marketing tips and advise on how to build your career and clientele.
  • Attendance certificate
  • Access to CraftMaster/ 6 month support through online material
  • Free access to our “Skin Expert” course, which will help you understand the anatomy of the skin and its functionality.
  • Lifetime mentorship and ongoing communication with your instructor after your live training!

We support you all the way

After our two day workshop we will support you for the following 6 months through the online CraftMaster learning application. This will strengthen the knowledge your received initially during your live training. In order to receive certification, students must first complete all 11 levels via our online CraftMaster App, which you’ll receive access to during your live training. 

Our one of kind level system was designed for students to understand the correct and proper way to create each individual stroke on an eyebrow, from beginning to end. Each level targets and specific section within the eyebrow, which you’ll learn during your live training. 

Your work is graded directly by Master Fely, who will then promote you to the following levels as you continue to complete them correctly. Upon completing these levels, you will then receive your international certification, be placed on our world artist map and become an official BoldBrows certified Artist!

You should also know

*Please keep in mind that it does not have to take you 6 months to complete your levels. Average time for students to complete their levels is 1 to 4 months. Now in order for you to be satisfied with our education, you need to have realistic expectations. Success depends solely on your effort, hard work and the necessary time you separate for practice. Your dedication to this course will give you the expected results and the opportunity to receive your distinguished BoldBrows Certification. 

**PLEASE NOTE: You do not need a cosmetologist or estheticians license to work as a Microblading artist in most states. During our live training, you will be instructed on how to register within your local county’s health department for your facilities inspection and requirements to obtain your state license. 

How do i sign up for an event?

You can see our events on “events page”

All you need to do i fill in the contact form and choose the location you are interested in.
After we receive your application, we will send you a depozit info via email.


To reserve your spot within the class, you’ll first need to request your registration form through followed by making your deposit for the amount of $800 via zelle, venmo or cashapp. Instruction on how to submit your deposit are included on this form. We can also send you an invoice requesting the card payment through square. And additional 3% card processing fee is applied with this option. Keep in mind that all payments made are NON REFUNDABLE. 

Any payment submitted must be received in the complete amount it was originally sent for. Therefore, students are responsible for any additional transaction or processing fees that may apply. Please keep in mind that because payments are non refundable, you can only transfer it over to a different training date held by the same Master in the event that you cannot attend the training scheduled for. Remaining balance is due on the first day of the class. Students are allowed to make payments towards the remaining balance prior to their class date. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us!

Do you offer online microblading training?

Yes, we do!

Please take a look at our online microblading education page and learn more.

Estimated earnings

$800 Deposit To Secure Your Seat!

Average Cost Per Procedure
500 (Adjust Your Location)
Weekly Income Based On 8 Clients A Week $4,000
Annual Income $208,000
Not Including Tips!

BoldBrows microblading student kit

Included in the price of both live and online training.

Pigments (10ml)

  • 2 Fox
  • 2x Golden Brown
  • 2x Brown 1 ​
  • 2x Brown 2​
  • 2x Brown 3​
  • 1x Black​
  • 1x Yellow​
  • 1x Red​
  • One Self Adhesive Pigment Container (50pcs)
  • Skin Candy: home aftercare for clients (50pcs)
  • Golden Ratio Divider: Tool used for determining the perfect brow simmetry
  • Pencils (2pcs): For drawing the perfect brow simmetry
  • Block Tonic Wipes (5pcs)
  • After Care Wipes (5pcs)
  • Acept Wipes (5pcs)
  • Makeup Remover Wipes (5pcs)
  • Latex Practice Pad
  • Skin Candy Anti Shock 1pc


  • 1 Unuversal holder
  • 18U-PhiBlade 304 (50pcs)
  • PhiBrush Disposable Microblading Tool (20pcs)
  • 1 PhiBrows Tweezer
  • 1 PhiBrows Scissors

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