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If you are unable to attend the live course, then online microblading education is for you. It allows you to receive the same high quality education at your own pace, anywhere and at any time! 

Online microblading education

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What is the cost for online microblading training?

Online training is available for those who are unable to attend the live course. It allows you to receive the same high quality education at your own pace, anywhere and at any time! 

Cost for Phibrows Online training is $1,850


  • New Phibrows Premium Kit ($1,200 Value/ enough to work on up to 80 clients)
  • 6 months access to Craftmaster. This system includes complete theory, video demonstrations , over 300 photos and direct interaction with your Master.
  • Bilingual assistance in both English/Spanish
  • Access to our skin expert theoretical course
In order for students to receive their certification, they must first complete all 12 levels included in our CraftMaster system. These levels consist of creating the perfect eyebrow from beginning to end. Our one of kind level system was designed for students to understand the correct and proper way to create each individual stroke on an eyebrow. Upon completing these levels, you will then receive your international certification. Be placed on our world artist map and become an official Phibrows Artist!
To enroll, simply send us a direct message requesting your enrollment registration form and we’ll gladly assist from there on.

PhiBrows Microblading PDF

Please download our PDF with detailed information about our microblading education program.

Premium PhiBrows kit contains

You can see our events on “events page”. All you need to do i fill in the contact form and choose the location you are interested in. After we receive your application, we will send you a depozit info via email.
  • 1x Fox Supe
  • 1x Golden Brown Supe
  • 1x Brown 1 Supe​
  • 1x Brown 2 Supe​
  • 1x Brown 3 Supe​
  • 1x Yellow Supe​
  • 1x Black Supe​
  • 1x Red Supe​
  • Phi Wipes After care 5/1
  • Phi Wipes (Asept/Make up remover)
  • Phi blade U 50/1
  • lATEX
  • (Blank) 3/1
  • Skin Candy 50/1
  • Phi Compass
  • Skin candy Anty Shock 1
  • Self Adhesive Pigment Container 50/1
  • Mineral Pencils 2/1
  • Scissors and Tweezers
  • Disposable Tools 20/1
  • Universal Holder
  • Phi wipes Block Tonic 1

Why Choose Phibrows?

World renowned PhiAcademy has been dedicated to only bringing the best education possible to its students! We focus on targeting the overall quality this service requires in both knowledge and technique! Microblading education takes much more training than the typical one day certification most artist obtain now a days.

Phibrows artists follow very specific high demanding work methods and standards, that are taught through our rigorous high quality education. PhiAcademy controls the quality of work to its members and provides ultimate support to them and their clients. Phi artists never stop working on themselves as they can always progress within the academy. This is your opportunity to join thousands of other artists worldwide who’ve also experienced the Phi difference and have proudly embraced this life changing career!

Estimated earnings

$800 Deposit To Secure Your Seat!

Average Cost Per Procedure
500 (Adjust Your Location)
Weekly Income Based On 8 Clients A Week $4,000
Annual Income $208,000
Not Including Tips!

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