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Are you completely new to Microblading? Or are you a professional looking to increase business? Either way you can apply for this course! We made sure our training is 100% suitable for any level of experience. In our in depth live training, you will learn the true foundation on this amazing skill and the correct and proper way of doing it! All you need is a positive mindset and a will to learn.

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Microblading Events

Register for one of our upcoming courses, and experience the life changing career that BoldBrows can offer! You can choose between BoldBrows Basic or Perfection Training.

BOLDBROWS Basic traning 7/8 march, monterrey, mexico

BOLDBROWS PERFECTION TRANING, 9 march, monterrey, mexico

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Online Microblading training

Learn microblading online and launch your business

The online training is for students with little or no experience with Microblading.You will be guided thought the Craft Master app where you will have to complete 11 levels to complete the course and get certified.
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Microblading business

Meet BoldBrows Master Fely EGuia

Everything you need to know about BoldBrows Microblading. Great service. Business opportunity. Your chance to become an entrepreneur.

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